“Preparing Today’s Children to LEAP into Tomorrow’s Future”


LEAP International Montessori School is an educational organization that emphasizes independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, spiritual, and social development. This educational approach provides a supportive learning environment that is designed to help develop creativity, social skills, problem-solving, and time management tools. Our dedicated teachers are here to inspire your children to LEAP into tomorrow’s future with confidence and goodwill.

LEAP International Montessori School is an authentic Montessori school. This means our teachers are trained Montessori teachers and we provide an authentic Montessori curriculum.  There is also exposure to foreign languages and we also, specifically study the 19 pueblos of the New Mexico. Enrollment is available for children ages 18 months through 6 years old.  Ask us about our evolving Elementary expansion program for students ages 6-12 years old!

Donations for Fundraising

Coming this February, LEAP will host a silent auction for fundraising. If you have anything you want to donate for auction, please see Ms. Leslie.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Hello Parents! The sign-up sheet for all Toddlers and for Prek Students (other Primary and Elementary will be done in December) Parent-Teacher Conferences is out and at the registration table. Please check or mark an “X” next to the time that works best for you. If anyone would like to reschedule for another time, please see wither Mrs. Griffin (for PreK) or Ms. Eden (for Toddler). Thank...

Balloon Fiesta

The balloon fiesta starts this weekend through next week. When checking your calendar, you may see that Tuesday, October 8, we set aside as an optional Balloon Fiesta day. For that day (and ONLY that day) if you and your family want to miss school and have a day at the fiesta, we understand. Go for it! We will not count you absent. For those of you who don’t, we will still operate under the same school...


Brian Duprey
Brian Duprey

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

I have been involved with the school and known Mrs. OH (Betty) and Mrs. Griffin (Sheila) for over a year now and have been nothing but impressed! These two ladies, as well as Ms. Eden and the rest of the staff, CLEARLY put their entire hearts and souls into this little school and I consider it a treasure for Rio Rancho! The environments are peaceful and handmade. There are animals everywhere and the children seem to happy, engaged, and respectful to each other, their teachers, and everything. Every interaction that I've seen or heard about between adults and and the children has been beautiful and one that I hope other places would adopt. The children are shown and then "invited" to try new things all the time and there is clearly a culture of kindness and compassion. This is truly an authentic Montessori school that is full with materials (though not overwhelming) and just a peaceful place to be. I especially the sweet dogs! I love that everyone is committed to doing things right- even when it requires more effort. I can't believe the children even sew and thankfully- they teach cursive!!! I absolutely recommend this school and the teachers and I love working with Mrs. OH and Mrs. Griffin. I have every intention upon staying involved with them for years to come!

Sarah Judson
Sarah Judson

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

We have been at LEAP since February 2019. Words can not express the gratitude we have for Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. “O”, Ms. Eden, our daughters lead teacher, and the other team members. They not only provide a safe and rich learning environment but genuinely love our daughter and the other students. This is certainly mutual! Our daughter, who has grown leaps and bounds, is eager to attend each day and we can work in peace knowing that she is very well cared for in our absence. Their high quality of care is absolutely appreciated as is their commitment to professionalism. Thank you LEAP for all that you do!

Amber Neeley
Amber Neeley

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

I cannot say enough good things about LEAP Montessori. I purposefully waited several months to do a review to make sure I could confidently stand by what I have to say. When we moved my four year old to LEAP 8 months ago he was having severe behavioral problems and was on the verge of expulsion at his old preschool. I couldn't have asked for a more kind and patient teacher for my child. Ms. Griffin has worked miracles! The change I've seen in him has been remarkable. Almost instantly they were able to refer me to other people and resources to help us with him at home too. He's now a thriving "normal" four year old, and he loves going to school. I have spent time in the classroom and Ms Griffin has created a wonderfully calm learning environment. The kids are active and engaged in their lessons and work. She clearly adores the children and loves what she gets to do every day. She also has great classroom management skills. As a former teacher myself, I've seen nothing about her behavior towards the children that is concerning. She does a great job at redirecting the kids while also reinforcing and reminding them the rules in a loving way. This school and Ms Griffin have been a tremendous blessing for our family. Any child would be a lucky to attend!

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